3 Mistakes to Avoid When Having Your Vehicle Repaired at an Auto Body Repair Shop

Posted on: 27 March 2017

After an auto accident, it may pain you to look at your damaged vehicle. Luckily, a good auto body repair shop can fix your car so it looks as good as new and you will never know that it was in an accident. While you most likely want to get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible after a collision, it is important to not be impulsive when it comes to auto body repairs.
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4 Tips For Inspecting A Used Semi Truck Before You Buy It

Posted on: 7 March 2017

If you are interested in buying a used semi truck for your business, you may not be certain about how you should go about selecting the right one. If so, use the following four tips when inspecting each truck. Inspect The Tread On The Tires According to federal regulations, the minimum tread depth for a commercial motor vehicle's steer tires is 4/32 of an inch and 2/32 of an inch for all other tires.
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