3 Mistakes to Avoid When Having Your Vehicle Repaired at an Auto Body Repair Shop

Posted on: 27 March 2017


After an auto accident, it may pain you to look at your damaged vehicle. Luckily, a good auto body repair shop can fix your car so it looks as good as new and you will never know that it was in an accident. While you most likely want to get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible after a collision, it is important to not be impulsive when it comes to auto body repairs. Avoid these common mistakes when you need to get a vehicle repaired after a collision:

Being Forced to Use a Specific Repair Shop

Auto insurance companies are typically contracted with certain auto body shops in a local area. The insurance company usually negotiates lower labor fees and parts costs in exchange for more business for the auto body repair shop.

When working with your claims adjuster, you may be persuaded to have your vehicle repaired by an auto body shop contracted with your insurance company. While you can choose to do this, it is important to know that you are not required to. If you have a particular auto body repair shop in mind, or have a recommendation for one by someone you trust, you can have your vehicle repaired their even if it is not on your insurance company'e list. 

Not Researching the Auto Body Repair Shop

You should never take your damaged vehicle to an auto body repair shop that you know nothing about, even if your insurance company is paying for the majority of the repairs. It is imperative that your car is repaired by a shop that is known for doing quality work and using the best parts available.

Before agreeing to have an auto body shop repair your vehicle, take the time to research the company and read recent reviews from prior customers. Choosing the right auto body shop can make a big difference in how your vehicle runs and looks in the long run.

Forgetting to Ask for Replacement Parts

When you bring your vehicle in for auto body repair, make sure that you would like the damaged parts to be replaced completely, In some cases, an auto body shop will try to repair damaged parts instead of replacing then to help keep the bill lower, But in the long run, having the damaged parts replaced will help ensure that your vehicle operates properly and looks like it was never damaged in an accident.

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