4 Types Of Modern Tow Trucks And When To Call Them

Posted on: 15 June 2021


When you need a tow truck, you should ensure that the truck itself is the most appropriate for the job and will get your vehicle to its new destination safely. To accomplish this, every driver should understand the differences between the four modern tow truck options and what they each bring to the table. Here's a short guide.

1. Hook and Chain

Hook and chain trucks started the tow industry, but they aren't seen as much any more. This simple setup involves a chain attached to a boom on the truck and a hook that attaches around your vehicle's front axle to lift it. The axle of a car can be damaged by the wrapped chains and hooks, though, so this is best used for vehicles which are likely to be totaled or headed to a wrecker. 

2. Wheel Lift

Hook and chain trucks have generally been replaced by wheel lift trucks. They operate on the same principle — lifting the front end of the car and allowing it to ride on its rear wheels — but provide a safer experience. The front wheels are lifted off the ground on a flat yoke or platform, eliminating potential bumper damage. This simple and quick setup is ideal to get cars off busy roads or out of bad weather as soon as possible.

3. Flatbed

Along with wheel lifts, the other most common tow truck you will call is the flatbed. As its name suggests, this tow truck has a raised, flat bed. The car or truck is lifted completely off the ground and placed onto the flatbed for the ride. You generally need a flatbed tow truck if your vehicle was damaged in an accident to the point that it can no longer ride safely on either its front or rear wheels. Alternatively, the flatbed is safest if you need to avoid risking a fragile or historic vehicle. 

4. Integrated

An integrated tow truck is designed to tow heavy or large vehicles. While you don't need to call for this if your car, truck, or SUV breaks down, you would need it to haul an RV, a large commercial vehicle, or specialized vehicles. Integrated tow trucks have extra weight capacity thanks to additional axles and boom arms embedded within the truck itself. 

By understanding the pros and cons of each type of tow vehicle, you can choose the right one for your particular needs. This way, you will get the best ride, avoid unnecessary expense, and ensure the safety of your vehicles. Learn more about options in your area by visiting a tow truck service today. Check out websites like http://www.cctow.com/ to learn more.