Is It Time For New Brakes? Let's Find Out

Posted on: 23 November 2020


As a responsible driver, you want to make sure that your vehicle always has a good brake system in place. This means that you will need to know when it is time for new brakes to be installed on your vehicle. To help with this, check out the following signs that your car needs new brakes.

You Hear A Grinding Noise When Coming To A Stop

The grounding noise might be so loud that not only can you hear it, but everyone within ear shot of your vehicle can hear it. It might even cause heads to turn and look your direction. If you are starting to notice that there is a grinding noise whenever you hit the brakes, you need to get your vehicle to the mechanic or a brake shop as soon as possible. At this point, your brakes are probably completely worn down and metal is grinding against metal to cause that sound. You may want to consider having your vehicle towed to shop for safety reasons.

There Is A Burning Smell Coming From The Wheels

If after driving around for a bit, you get home and notice a burning smell coming from the wheels when getting out of the vehicle, you want to make an appointment to have your brakes checked. It could be that one of the brakes are locked in place. There is also a good chance that the brake pads needed changing and because they weren't, they eventually fell apart and now there is metal grinding against metal whenever you use the brakes. Doing this will cause wear and tear to the rotors, which will need to be replaced if they are indeed damaged. If the damaged rotors are not replaced, they can cause the new brake pads to wear down a lot quicker than normal.

The Brake Pedal Goes Straight To The Floor

When you apply the brakes, you should feel a little resistance in the pedal. Therefore, if you press down on the brake and you notice that your foot and the pedal goes straight to the floor without any resistance, then there is a problem with the brakes. It could be an issue with the brake line as well, so when you go in to have your brakes checked out, have them check out the entire brake system.

Always make sure that a skilled mechanic is changing your brakes if this is not something you have experience doing on your own.